Thursday, December 23, 2010

What I'm Leaning...

 (Not a Picture of my bread you can find pictures like these from
So far am learning that family and God comes before any thing in the world.The one person I love after god the most is my mom. She is always helping me in way that are unspeakable! She loves me for me ,thats way I love her!  THANKS MOM!     I am learning how to make my mom's homemade this is not a hard recipe but my bread is not rising like my mom's. So my mom has taking out the time today to watch me make it and see what I was doing wrong and she helped me correct it. Now I smell my bread cooking in the oven so I am off to check on it. Have a wonderful day.                              

Introducing Myself....Just Me Lord ......Your Daughter Crystal

Hello my name is Crystal Barnes and I am the oldest daughter in my wonderful family. I love my parents and I know they love me. One day I pray that my own children will love me as much as I love my parents . I love Christ and was taught about him at an early age. I love learning from my mother how to be a proverbs 31 woman as I grow older. I love to read, sew and cook meals... I also love learning about how people lived in the 1950s and so on. I also love anything relating to Laura Ingalls Wilder. So as I start on this new blogging journey I pray that God will lead me in what to say and what to post. Like I said above I love helping my mom around the house. I am currenting learning how to knit better and how to ran the house if mom or dad ever gets sick. This is going to be a great jounery. Be blessed.